Friday 23 November 2007

Superstitions and folk traditions

I blame England's dismal results in the football earlier this week on the fact that too few supporters were wearing their lucky underpants.

Are you superstitious?

Many of us are, in some way or another. Perhaps we avoid ladders, say "Hello Mr Magpie" to ward off sorrow if we see a solitary bird, or have an item of clothing or jewellery we believe brings us luck.

I suffered a series of misfortunes after my black cat smashed a precious antique mirror. My boyfriend dumped me, a huge and unexpected bill landed on my doorstep and then my clumsy feline sadly had one accident too many. Was it coincidence? Maybe. Sometimes misfortune just happens.

I believe superstitions are a form of magic. Our belief in them and the energy we invest in them helps give them power.

If you worry about impending doom when, for example, someone mentions The Scottish Play or spills the salt, my advice is to just put it out of your mind. Or, if a little mantra helps, tell yourself confidently:
"That has no power over me. I am in control of my own fortune."
On the other hand, if you want your team to win in future, wear your lucky underpants with pride.

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