Here are links to various witchy crafting projects, pagan art and recipes I've described making in posts on my blog. There are more ideas for things to make in my books - Pagan Portals - Candle MagicEvery Day Magic - A Pagan Book of DaysPagan Portals - Poppets and Magical Dolls and Rounding the Wheel of the Year. (Please note I earn commission from some links. This helps subsidise my blog at no extra cost to readers)

Stuff to Make
Angel or Fairy Yule Tree Hanging Ornament:
Basket Woven from Foraged Honeysuckle.
Beeswax Candles:
Candle Lantern Upcycled from a Tin Can
Charm Bracelet from Upcycled Paper:
Cinderella Dolls:
Craft: Candle Magic with Herbs and Spices:
Craft: Using Wax Sand for Candle Making and Magic:
Craft: How to Make a Spell Candle Holder:
Craft I Upcycled My Sofa Into a Drum Bag:
Craft: Make a Yule Tree Star:
Crafting with Poppet Magick by Silver Ravenwolf:
Crafty Recycling: Earth Light:

Halloween Crafts: Little Ghosts and Shadow Monsters:
Hamsa Amulet of Protection as Feminine Power:
Craft: Macrame Charm Bracelet:
Magical Dolls: A Poppet I Made to Help me Write:
Magical Dolls: How to Make a Knotted Wool Poppet:
Magical Dolls: Poppet of Protection for Dark Nights:
Making Dark Mirrors and Scrying Balls:
Making Lucky Charms from Leftover Corks:
Midnight Magic - A Jigsaw Puzzle Spell for Good Luck:
My Attempt at Making an Easy Corn Dolly:
My Cat Helping Me Craft a Witchy Wreath:
My Big Dilemma at Making Lavender 'Smudge Sticks':
My Home-Made Staff From Beach-Combed Flotsam:
My Straw Brigid Doll for Imbolc:
Poppet Craft: A Doll to Do Three Things at the Same Time
Wreath from Natural Materials.

Learning to Use Aromatherapy Oils:
Lumiere de Londres Soy Candle Workshop:

Lavender and Lemon Balm Tea:
Vegan Oat Pancakes:
Egg, Mushroom and Thyme Turnover:
Baking Bread for Lammas:
Rose Hip Syrup:
Foraging for Salad:


In 2017 I made a mandala each month using flowers from my garden and other found objects, inspired by the book I edited, Every Day Magic - A Pagan Book of Days. I then did seasonal ones in 2021

January Mandala:
February Mandala:
March Mandala:
April Mandala:
May Mandala:
June Mandala:
July Mandala:
August Mandala:
September Mandala:
October Mandala:

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