Colouring Books
The Minoan Coloring Book:
Printable Book of Shadows to Colour In Yourself:
Spirit Animals and Enchanted Mandalas:

Stuff to Make
Craft: Candle Magic with Herbs and Spices:
Craft: Using Wax Sand for Candle Making and Magic:
Craft: How to Make a Spell Candle Holder:
Craft: Make a Yule Tree Star:
Crafty Recycling: Earth Light:
Dolls of Remembrance for the Wise Women of the Past:
How to Make a Brigid's Cross for Imbolc:
How to Make a Witch's Wand:
How to Build a Wickerman:
Making Lucky Charms from Leftover Corks:
My Attempt at Making an Easy Corn Dolly:
My Home-Made Staff From Beach-Combed Flotsam:
My Straw Brigid Doll for Imbolc:
Recycling Candles:
A Useful Box to Put Things In:

Learning to Use Aromatherapy Oils:
Lumiere de Londres Soy Candle Workshop:

Lavender and Lemon Balm Tea:
Vegan Oat Pancakes:
Egg, Mushroom and Thyme Turnover:
Baking Bread for Lammas:

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