Monday 19 November 2007

A tale of two seasons

I saw snow yesterday for the first time this winter - a sudden flurry between long bouts of driving rain - yet tomatoes are still ripening on the vine in my porch.

I feel quite proud of my tomatoes this year. I consider myself to be a bad gardener in the same way that I am a bad witch; I like to think I am one, even though I generally put in as little effort as I can get away with.

The tomatoes are only growing in my porch because I bought some small plants at a stall raising funds for a local school and I can't say I have done much to care for them except water them most days. Yet despite it having been a really bad summer for tomatoes, my vines have been producing large and tasty fruits since August.

One food that I always crave in the cold weather is tomato soup. Heinz soup will do, but homemade soup is better. Then again, I'm also a pretty bad cook and, as in many circumstances, I go Googling for some easy options:

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