Friday 28 December 2007

New Year Resolutions

Most of us enter the New Year resolved to change something about ourselves. We often make one big resolution that falls by the wayside a few weeks into January.

A few years ago an extremely accomplished friend told me that the secret of her success was to make a long list of resolutions at the start of each year - often with as many as 50 different things she wanted to try out for the first time, give up for good or achieve in some way or other.

The idea behind this is that with a lot of goals you have a good chance of achieving at least half of them by the end of the year.

My list of resolutions this year contains 10 things which I think will make me a better witch:
  1. Continue to write my blog regularly
  2. Read at least one book relating to paganism, magic or folklore each month
  3. Learn a new skill that would be useful for a witch
  4. Following on from my earth meditation, write meditations for the elements of air, fire and water
  5. Grow some vegetables in my garden
  6. Do six country walks over the four seasons
  7. Visit somewhere with a reputation for being haunted
  8. Make sure my computer power supply is unplugged every night
  9. Give away four things each month on Freecycle
  10. Do a fire walk
For more information about Freecycle visit:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good list. But I should put you right. Poor Old Rolf never made such a list - I suspect he's never even heard of it! I made it up after listening to him on the radio talking about how his brother helped him through a tough time...

Blushing at the word "accomplished" - there's just no way!

But - it works for me - that's one great list you've got there...