Monday 21 January 2008

Wolf moon

On January 22 there is a full moon.

According to different naming traditions it can be called the Wolf Moon, the Ice Moon, or even the Quite Moon.

I love these evocative names. I can understand how native Americans or even the medieval people of Britain would have heard the wolves howling outside their village on a January night and given the name of these wild creatures to the month's full moon. The modern-day pagan name of the Ice Moon seems lovely too, making me think of the night sky seen through frosted window panes.

I'm not totally sure why the ancient Celts are supposed to have called it the Quite Moon. Perhaps it should really be Quiet Moon? If anyone can shed any light on the history of this name, I'd be delighted to find out.

For more information about moon names and the magical significance of the full moon, follow these links:

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