Friday 8 February 2008

Feeding wildlife

This morning I hung a bird feeder in my garden. I bought the feeder during the winter and, seeing a bird building a nest this morning, I thought that I really should put it up before too long. Still, I suspect I looked a little silly trying to climb an apple tree before breakfast in my dressing gown and a pair of Crocs.

Birds appreciate extra food in the winter when the trees are bare and in the spring when they are breeding. I hope it will attract some extra wildlife to my garden for me to watch and photograph.

Unfortunately, I expect my cats will appreciate it too.


Anonymous said...

I haven't dared put any food out for the pair of blackbirds who are nesting in the back garden. Mind you our cat leaves them alone - maybe they're too big to attract her.

I noticed a beautiful little wren hopping around yesterday. I'm glad the cat hasn't seen it yet. It would be just the right size for her to bully it.

Unknown said...

Where waa this bird you saw building a nest? Was it in the apple tree?

Badwitch said...

Two crows lived in the garden of my old home. They raised several chicks while I was there - and terrorised every cat in the neighbourhood.

The bird trying to build a nest was in next door's garden. It was a magpie and it had a very large stick it seemed particularly proud of.