Friday 29 February 2008

Find your inner child through art

Artist Cilla Conway is running her first workshop of the year on Saturday 15 March.

Art from the Soul: Return of the Child will focus on how to rediscover the purity of vision we had as children to help us express ourselves without self-criticism.

The loss of the child's simplicity and directness is a natural part of growing up - around the age of 8 the left brain kicks in and we learn to compare and analyse.

This workshop will help us unlearn these entrenched ways of thinking and developed an awareness that is like meditation but is at the same time active and purposeful -the paradox of creativity.

Art from the Soul: Return of the Child
Date: Saturday 15 March 2008
Time: 11am -6pm
Venue: Sutton, Surrey
Cost: £60 (concessions available for the unwaged)
Materials: bring your own art materials (acrylic paint, pastels, charcoal etc). Materials are available on the day for £5 extra.
To book: telephone 07949 766634 or email

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