Sunday 24 February 2008


Usually, I am proud to live in a country that respects people's rights to hold their own opinions and to practice in peace whatever religion they choose without the risk of losing their livelihood or suffering persecution.

And, usually, the Christians I meet are pleasant and friendly and hold the view that people should try to get on with their neighbours and not be the first to throw stones.

So, when I read about a Wiccan shop in Crewe that is being driven out of business due to harassement by fundamental Christians I feel very sad.

Sarah, who owns Lunacy at Sarah's, in Market Street, Crewe, told me that her shop has been repeatedly targeted by fundamental Christians over the past year.

She said: "A bible was left by our back door, with a passage marked about 'thou shalt not worship false gods'. We also had a booklet through the letterbox saying our souls are in danger and while I was in hospital last august my business partners had people from a church putting literature inside our pagan and Wiccan books that are for sale. Because of this, we are closing."

Those targeting the shop have not given their names or said which Christian church they represent, so cannot be contacted to comment.

Lunacy At Sarah's is at 6 Market Street, Crewe, Cheshire CW1 2EG. Tel: 07907 807850.


Unknown said...

Hi its sarah from the old lunacy at sarahs. They haven't got rid of me i'm reopening a shop at the end of march. I'm back and this time i'm staying. Thankyou to everyone who supported us.x

Lightning Brother said...

Hi Sarah, I'm so relieved to have found your comment. I met a white witch at the weekend, who told me about your shop and the sad, sad things the Christians did to you. Where are you opening the new shop? Good luck with it - stand your ground: I hope you get all the support you deserve x