Tuesday 4 March 2008


Yesterday, above my blog entry on a book about tantric sex, Google put an advert entitled "Ideal Gifts for Mother's Day". Not entirely appropriate, I thought, unless your name happens to be Oedipus.

I decided to allow adverts on A Bad Witch's Blog a couple of months ago, because I was told they could help bring in a little money.

It doesn't cost a lot to run a blog but it is quite time consuming to update it regularly and earning a little bit of beer money is always nice, although I have to say I haven't earned anything from advertising revenue yet.

I also hoped some of the adverts might be useful. I have noticed one or two that looked interesting but I've been a bit disappointed on the whole - although yesterday's odd choice made me giggle.

If any of the adverts have been useful, do let me know. Also, if you find any of the ads offensive, let me know too. There is a facility for blocking any that are inappropriate for this site.


Unknown said...

The current ad is for getting a free numerology reading based on your name. Seems an okay ad for this blog to me, although I haven't actually applied for a free numerology reading yet.

Anonymous said...

Hm, the ad I got was for roofing services in County Durham. Okaaaaaay...