Friday 7 March 2008

New Moon

There is a new moon today, 7 March. The new moon occurs in the middle of its dark phase, when it cannot be seen in the night sky.

This is an appropriate time for a clear-out, although any time when the moon is waning is generally good for getting rid of things.

About two days after the new moon, it becomes just visible again as a thin silver crescent with horns pointing to the left in the northern hemisphere. At this time the sun and moon are on the same side of the Earth, in the same zodiac sign, which is good for starting new projects or making new friends.

I am wondering what the new moon has in store for me today. Late yesterday, just as everyone was going home from work, my boss told me he wanted to see me in private today, but wouldn't tell me what about.

So, what's in store? Am I getting the sack or am I going to be offered promotion? Is this an ending or a beginning? A new moon can mean either - and I honestly haven't a clue.

For more information about moon magic:

Note added later: My boss only wanted to see me about overtime in the run-up to Easter, so nothing particularly exciting after all.

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