Thursday, 10 April 2008

The fox's friend

Another fox was in my garden yesterday morning. This one had a much fuller tail than my usual visitor and was quite bold. I took this picture when it was close to the house.

I'm not sure if one of the foxes is male and the other is female - although I am hoping a breeding pair are responsible for the den at the end of my garden.

If anyone knows the best way to tell the difference between a dog fox and a vixen without getting close enough to view their private anatomy, please leave a comment or send me an email.


Ffraid said...

Hi Bad Witch, at first I thought it was a pregnant vixen but they mate in December and have a 53 day pregnancy. So perhaps not!
The vixens call sounds like a human scream or a baby crying whereas both vixen and dog fox tend to bark and yap.
Beautiful picture though,our country foxes are not so tame. Thanks for the posting :)

Mo said...

Dog foxes are usually much bigger than vixens, I think.

Badwitch said...

The fox in the picture does look a bit tubby, doesn't it? I did wonder if it might be a pregnant vixen myself. I've still not seen any cubs in the garden yet this year.