Wednesday 30 April 2008

I have a fox cub!

I've just seen a fox cub climb out of the den at the end of my garden.

For several months I have been eagerly watching fox hole in a leaf pile by my back fence to see if the fox who lives there has had any cubs.

I hadn't seen any so far this year and was beginning to give up hope. Then, about half an hour ago, I saw the fox climb out if its den, followed by a single cub. The cub looks as though it is a few weeks old. It sat on top of the leaf pile for a few moments, then went back inside. The adult followed it.

Although I grabbed my camera, by the time I had put the battery in it both foxes were gone. The camera is now ready and by the window so if I see them again I will try to take a photo.


Anonymous said...

Oh, excellent! I hope you do manage to get photos.

Badwitch said...

I hope so too!

Trevor Caesar said...

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