Thursday 10 July 2008

The Dreamwork Manual

Yesterday, I bought a book called The Dreamwork Manual at a charity shop.

I was delighted. Not only had I bought a book that is worth at least a fiver secondhand for just 50p, it is also on a subject that fascinates me - the power of dreams.

Most books on dreams are just lists of what things symbolise and I'm not convinced they are particularly useful. After all, things can have different meanings for different people. If I dream I am licking an ice-lolly it might have some giggle-worthy sexual interpretation or it might just mean it is a hot night, I'm feeling thirsty and recollecting a pleasant confection I enjoyed earlier that day.

The Dreamwork Manual, by Strephon Kaplan Williams, on the other hand, is a course designed to work with dreams so that you learn more about what they mean to you as an individual.

The descriptions says:

"It contains over 30 tried and tested dreamwork methods by which we can actualize our dreams, and thus experience their meanings. The methods are based on two major approaches: the Jungian journey towards individuation or wholeness, and the idea of altering the dream state and using dreams to benefit individual and community life attributed to the Senoi people of Malaya - the so-called dream people."

Earlier this year I visited an exhibition on dream and dreaming, which made me want to explore my own dreams further. Hopefully, this book will give me the inspiration and practical help to do that.

For the moment, though, it is on my shelf along with all the other books I am intending to read, when I get the time.


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