Thursday 21 August 2008

Off for a few day

I'm going to be taking a four-day break over the Bank Holiday weekend, so this will be my last post on A Bad Witch's Blog until next Tuesday.

If the weather is good, I intend to go on country walks and visit some ancient pagan sites.

I hope you have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend too!


Anonymous said...

Dear Bad Witch,
I have really enjoyed looking over your blog, particularly your thoughts on what being a witch/wise woman is in this day and age. I have recently had a spiritual awakening and found that things I do intuitively could be called natural magic/ white witchcraft. At first I felt a bit scared but I am going to follow my intuition and see where it leads. Thank you for your insights and I will keep tuning in. With light and love, Susan

Badwitch said...

I'm glad you enjoy reading my blog. Good luck with following your spiritual path - it is certainly a good idea to listen to your intuition!