Friday 12 September 2008

A full moon to sing under

This month's full moon falls on Monday 15 September, at 10.13am London time.

According to, the neopagan name for this month's full moon is Harvest Moon, which is appropriate as it falls near the end of the time for bringing in the crops and fruit. I have certainly picked as many apples as I can from my tree, leaving a few on the high branches for the birds to enjoy.

However, the Celtic name of Singing Moon for the full moon closest to the autumn equinox seems much more romantic. One theory about this is that it is when farm workers would celebrate having brought in the harvest - probably with a great deal of drunken singing.

The full moon at this time of year can be seen almost throughout the night, from sunset to sunrise, if the sky is clear. This is because of the relation of the moon's position in the sky to the horizon. So, with plenty of moonlight and hopefully some mild autumnal evenings, it sounds like a good time for a moonlit autumn party to me.

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