Wednesday 10 September 2008

Thames: Sacred River by Peter Ackroyd

Today's watery theme continues. After writing about my God of the Week, Oceanus this morning, I received a copy of Peter Ackroyd's book, Thames: Sacred River.

It is not only about the history and geography of England's most famous river, but also about its myths and legends as well as what it symbolises to individuals and to the English as a nation.

As most Londoners, I love seeing the Thames in all her moods, while crossing the river on the train journey into work or home in the evening, or just wandering along the embankment for a stroll. I am very much looking forward to reading this book and, when I have, I'll write a full review on A Bad Witches Blog.
Thames: Sacred River has just been published by Vintage Books in paperback. The cover price is £14.99, but Amazon currently has it on a special offer for about £7.99

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