Tuesday 4 November 2008

Communicating after an argument

Someone recently asked me for magical advice on how to heal a relationship after an argument. They said: "I am trying to get someone to contact me. It is a person I know and had a few problems with. I want the opportunity to say sorry if needed. Would you know any spell or way to call him?"

Lack of communication is at the root of many problems. Sometimes, writing an old-fashioned letter is better than a phone call, text or email, because it gives you more time to think carefully about what you want to say and also seems more personal.

If you want to put a little magic into the letter, write it by hand, by candlelight, on the night of a full moon, and ask the moon to help you overcome the misunderstanding. Scent the letter with a little geranium oil, which aids communication, reduces stress and can even lessen pain. It is a flower governed by Venus, the goddess of love, so is good for matters of romance.

Most people will read a letter they are sent and think about what it says.

Hocus Pocus: Titania's Book of Spells, also has a good spell intended for those who are waiting for the other side to make the approach after an argument. The book states:
"Use this spell if you are not sure where your lover is, or if you know he's just being reticent, or even as a preamble to making the telephone call yourself and being sure of a fair hearing. But beware, it won't work if you're the guilty party and, having misbehaved or thrown a tantrum, you owe your partner an apology.

"You will need: 1 metre of red ribbon

"Perform this spell on any day of the moon or week, but if the quarrel has been fierce and you need extra strength, use the full moon. You must also bring a calm mind to the task, since tearful outbursts and hot emotion will send confused signals to your partner. Wrap the ribbon round the index finger of your right hand and place it on your 'third eye' (between your brows). Start thinking intently of your loved one; when you have a clear and powerful sense of his closeness, use the ribbon on your forehead to 'talk' to him and tell him you're sorry about the upset and would love to speak to him. Urge him to contact you. Pick up the ribbon again in an hour and repeat the process, several times in the day/evening if possible. He will soon be straining to contact you; but when the call comes, don't be distant. Remember to meet him half way."
I would add that if the person you have rowed with really doesn't want to contact you, then the spell will not work. You can't force someone to do something they really don't want to do.

Hocus Pocus: Titania's Book of Spells
Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, Plants, and Flowers (Complete Illustrated Encyclope)

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