Wednesday 12 November 2008

Saving Africa's Witch Children

Saving Africa's Witch Children is the name of a C4 documentary on TV at 9pm this evening, and I think I have to watch it even though I know I will find it very upsetting.

The Radio Times description of the programme says:
"A shocking Dispatches film which reveals that in some of the poorest parts of Nigeria, where evangelical religious fervour is combined with a belief in sorcery and black magic, many thousands of children are being blamed for catastrophes, death and famine - and branded witches."
What is particularly shocking is that these children accused of witchcraft are tortured and sometimes killed because of it. In the witch hunts in the western world, hundreds of years ago, the image is at least of adults being accused of witchcraft - however unfairly - but to hold children responsible for disasters and catastrophes seems about the most appalling thing I can think of.

And persecution of children because of a belief that they are witches is not limited to Nigeria, as is shown by the case of Victoria Climbié who was tortured to death in the UK only a few years ago after a religious leader said she was a witch.

While one petition is asking for a pardon for people executed in the witch hunts of bygone centuries, I think we should be making more efforts into saving these children now. One way of doing that is to support the charity Stepping Stones Nigeria. For more details, visit



Anonymous said...

When will humans ever stop persecuting each other? It's all driven by fear, and nothing good ever comes of it.

Badwitch said...

I've just finished watching the programme - it was harrowing. The problems are mainly in a very poor part of Nigeria where people are blaming hardships on witchcraft. Pentacostal sect leaders are branding thousands of children as witches and then charging their parents lots of money to exorcise them. If the parents can't pay, the children are likely to be starved, tortured or even killed. Until very recently, this wasn't even against the law there and even now the police can doo little to stop it.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I could only watch the first 10 minutes of this programme.It was too upsetting.Why oh why are there people like this in the world.

Kelli said...

There is something you can do to help. Watch the documentary and spread awareness, visit my blog Children of Nigeria, sign the petition Stop Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministries of Nigeria from labeling children as witches.

THIS NEEDS TO STOP NOW!!! Do it for the children.

Please read in full before downloading.

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Please donate to Stepping Stones Nigeria to help with the Documentary.

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