Sunday 14 December 2008

Yule presents for pagans

So you've been invited to a midwinter party, its only a week away and they're having a Secret Santa.

Perhaps it really should be called a Secret Yule Fairy or something more pagan than Santa, but the idea is the same. Everyone's been given the name of someone in the group, picked secretly out of a hat, and has to get that person a present worth under a fiver.

But what do you buy? Here are a few ideas:

Yule is a traditional time for candles and this T-light holder in the shape of a star seems particularly pagan.

It costs only £1.99 from Pagan Magic and the online shop sells them in a variety of colours. You could buy a few or some T-lights go with one.

To order it, visit

If you've drawn the name of the witch who has everything, then you're probably better off getting them something they are going to use up.

Soap might sound a it of a boring gift, but bars called Velvet Antlers or Fairie Queene might be just the gift for the high priest or priestess who's got all the candle holders they need. You can buy these natural, handmade soaps, and others, from A gift set of a soap on a pine dish costs £4.

I never think you can go wrong with chocolate, and that made by The Chocolate Alchemist is my personal favourite. Plain bars are just £2, spicy bars are £2.30 and special festive slabs cost £3.50. You can see the range at .

You can't order the chocolate online yet, but you can buy it over the phone from the company at 01798 860 995.

An unusual little gift is this puzzle stand. Carved from one piece of wood, it forms a remarkable effective stand, which can hold bowls, candles or even a crystal ball.

You can buy it from Pagan Magic at and it costs only £3.99.

This miniature Tarot by Dennis Fairchild is a full deck of 78 cards, but costs only £3.50, which makes it the cheapest deck you can buy new as far as I can tell.

It's also small enough to carry around in a pocket or handbag so would be useful for any witch, even if they've already got a full-sized deck.

You can order it off Amazon through this link: Tarot (Miniature Editions)

And if anyone thinking of buying me a present is reading this I just thought I'd mention I'd be happy to find any of those things in my Yuletide stocking :)

Tarot (Miniature Editions)

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