Sunday 25 January 2009

The Bad Witch goes birdwatching

Yesterday, I took part in Big Garden Birdwatch and spent an hour watching the birds in my garden.

The RSPB asked people to watch birds in their garden or local park for one hour on January 24 or 25, and record what they see by logging onto

As I suggested on A Bad Witch's Blog a few days ago, I decided to also try out a little ornithomancy - or divination by observing the behaviour of birds.

Judging by what I saw, I am in for some serious bad luck. I saw two crows and a magpie on the left of my garden - all symbols of misfortune. Two blackbirds - normally good symbols - were also on the left, which means they are not so lucky.

Then, as clouds separated and a momentary ray of sunshine lightened the wintry gloom, I saw a seagull fly straight towards me through a ribbon of blue sky. This, I interpret, indicates I will receive good news from abroad. I love nice surprises, so I do hope this comes true!

The only other things I noted during the hour were a pair of great tits in my neighbour's garden. I do, of course, mean the avian variety rather than anything connected with the neighbour's wife :)

I'm not quite sure what a pair of great tits portend, anyone got any ideas?

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