Thursday 2 July 2009

Huge Cucumber!

No, not one of those adverts for Viagra, and not really that large in comparison to some - but I am rather proud of my first home-grown cucumber.

A friend who has an allotment gave me a cumber plant seedling a little while ago, which I have been tending and nurturing by hand in a sunny spot in my porch. I noticed something growing almost as soon as I started nurturing it. Since then, I have been watering it every day, rotating it to get the best position and admiring its growing dimensions.

Yesterday, I gave it a good squeeze and decided it was firm but fresh enough to chop off. I then took it straight to my kitchen, gave it a good wash, sliced it up and enjoyed it with a dollop of mayonnaise and a piece of quiche.

I hope I will have a nice red pair of tomatoes to go with my next cucumber, because they are coming along quite well too - also thanks to my friend with the allotment.

I may not have a large allotment, but the vegetables I'm growing on my doorstep are certainly in rude health.

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