Tuesday 10 February 2009

Goddesses online with words of wisdom

I've just come across a great little online quiz called The Goddess Future Test.

The idea is that you answer some questions on things like your favourite animal, colour, environment, star sign and an issue that concerns you, to find out which goddess might be able to offer you words of advice and a prediction for the future.

The website says:

"Myth and magick have been used for centuries to determine what is to come in life as well as to assist us in having a better life. This test uses basics from both study areas to help determine an outcome for your immediate future.

During this test you will answer simple 7 questions. From there you will move on to see which Goddess has information and advice for you regarding your future. May you have fun and perhaps even find something helpful."

The Goddess Future Test told me my prediction came from Lakshmi, Hindu goddess of wealth, prosperity, purity and generosity. I should be honest with myself and open to opportunities and spend time with my family. Good things would come if I had an open heart and mind.

That seems like good advice.

Quizes like this are, of course, only really for entertainment, but this one has lovely pictures, offers generally sensible advice and can liven up a few moments on a dull day.


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