Tuesday 17 February 2009

Spells to find a new job

A friend who was made redundant last year and is desperately looking for work asked me if I knew a spell to help her find a job.

She certainly isn't alone in being out of work. Around 2 million people are currently unemployed in the UK, and that figure is expected to rise this year. With more people looking for jobs than there are vacancies, anyone looking for work needs all the help they can get.

A short positive affirmation meditation before writing your CV or filling in a form can get you in the mood to write a winning application.

Sit still in front of your desk or computer, close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Then, say to yourself three positive things about your abilities, skills or credentials for the job you are applying for, such as: "I am a conscientious employee, I am a good team player, I am very good at X." Take three more deep breaths, then open your eyes and start writing the application.

A good spell to obtain a job comes from book Spells and Rituals, by Teresa Moorey. You need a piece of cord long enough to tie nine knots. Teresa recommends gold cord, but if you are short of cash, don't go out and spend money unnecessarily. Instead try to find some cord, wool or string around the house to reuse. I recycled some gift tie for the photograph above.

To cast the spell, hold the cord in your hand and visualise yourself holding your letter of appointment. Begin tying nine knots in the cord while saying this verse:
"By charm of one, the spell's begun,
By charm of two, this shall come true,
By charm of three, the spell shall be,
By charm of four, the open door,
By charm of five, this spell's alive,
By charm of six, the spell I fix,
By charm of seven, earth and heaven,
By charm of eight, the hand of fate,
By charm of nine, the thing is mine!"
The last knot should tie the two ends of the cord into a circle. Keep this with you, perhaps in your bag or pocket, until you get a job. When the spell has worked, burn the cord or bury it in your garden as an offering of thanks.

Some other great spells to find jobs can be found on the website Pagan Magic including an interview self-confidence bath and a lovely but simple spirit rocks employment spell.

For the latter, you need a few pebbles from your garden or a beach, and a white candle. Light the candle and hold the rocks while thinking of the problem you are facing, such as needing to find work. Run your hand over the top of the candle (far enough away so that you do not burn yourself) and then meditate on your question. Carry the rocks around with you for the rest of the day. At twilight, throw the rocks back to the earth and ask your personal deity or the Great Spirit to send you the answer. It will come, though you may need a little patience.

Spells and Rituals (Beginner's Guides)

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