Friday 24 April 2009

Baby ducks and fox cubs

I love this time in spring, when the trees are in blossom and baby birds and animals are venturing out of their nests and dens for the first time.

Sadly, I have been working so hard this week I didn't have time even to get to the park to see them, but a friend sent me this gorgeous picture of ducklings on the pond.

Then late yesterday evening I saw four fox cubs in my back garden. It was far too dark to photograph them - in fact I could only just make them out, scampering about with their mother under my apple tree. They were so playful - running around and pouncing on each other, even mummy vixen was joining in the fun.

They seem a far more confident family of foxes than the shy mum and her offspring that made their home in a den under my leaf pile last spring.

I will be watching out for them in future and hopefully take some photos to post to A Bad Witch's Blog.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see another bluebird couple has moved into the birdhouse in our backyard!

Badwitch said...

How lovely to have bluebirds! We don't get them in England. Despite the song that goes "There'll be bluebirds over the white cliffs of Dover", bluebirds are not native to this country. I think the person who wrote those lines just thought they sounded good - certainly better than "There'll be seagulls over the white cliffs of Dover", which is more likely.

Anonymous said...

Funny--yes, seagulls don't usually inspire in the same way!