Friday 8 May 2009

God of the Week: Dian Cecht

Dian Cecht, Irish God of Healing, is The Bad Witch's God of the Week, because my mum has a broken wrist and could do with a little divine help to recover.

In Irish mythology, Dian Cecht - sometimes spelt Diancecht - was the healer who made a silver arm for King Nuada after the Celtic leader lost his in battle.

In a later battle, Dian Cecht brought slain warriors back to life so they could win the fight against their enemies, the monstrous fomóire.

Although my mum doesn't actually need a new arm, she does need a special type of walking frame. She used to get around with the help of two walking sticks, but can't use one in her right hand now that her arm is in plaster. She is seeing a physiotherapist this morning, who can hopefully fit her with the right type of frame and teach her to use it so she can be mobile again.

May Dian Cecht give his blessing for my mum to get all the help she needs!

The Diancecht Celtic Mythical God of Healing Figurine pictured is available from Amazon for £19.99.



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