Saturday 2 May 2009

My first pictures of fox cubs this spring

I do love watching fox cubs playing in my garden. This pair had found a supermarket chicken container somewhere and dragged it through a hole under my fence. It was empty, but they still seemed to think it made a fun toy.

They looked adorable, playing amid the falling apple blossom - even if they have squashed anything that was growing in my flowerbed.

I haven't seen the family of four fox cubs since last week. This pair looked a bit larger than them. I'm certainly going to keep my camera ready and hopefully will get some more pictures of foxes to put on my blog.


Jenny said...

Oh I am in love! But has Sin been in residence? Can the garden hold peaceful co-existance?

Badwitch said...

Sin still comes to my kitchen door for breakfast each morning, but apart from that he is roaming far and wide - probably in search of girl cats. He must have got into a fight a couple of weeks ago because he had a scratch across his nose and a cut ear. I kept an eye on the wounds, but they are healing nicely.

Ishtari said...

I have fox cubs in my garden too, there are at least three of them, possibly more. I love watching them bound around the petals on the grass at twilight :)