Tuesday 9 June 2009

Stop polluting our parks!

While taking a short stroll around my local park - something that usually cheers me up - I was really upset to see rubbish dumped in a pond that is normally a haven for swans, ducks and other birds.

I was so annoyed that I took this picture and intend to send it to the council, which has an email address where residents can post pictures of local eyesores they want tackled.

I also intend to go back to the park soon with a bag, pick up as much of the mess as I can and deposit it in appropriate recycling bins. Unfortunately, some of it is close to breeding birds and in other areas the public isn't suppose to go.

Now, I am sure no pagan - or anyone who reads my blog - would chuck old beer cans, carrier bags and other junk into a wildlife habitat, so this angry post is not aimed at you, but do feel free to send this proof of thoughtlessness on to anyone else in the hope it will make people think twice about polluting our parks.

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