Thursday 18 June 2009

Two more summer solstice events

Two pagan events are happing this Saturday, June 20, in Queens Wood, Highgate, London.

Drum & Dance
From noon until 3pm there will be a drumming, chanting and dancing social organised by PF London veterans April and Mani.
Turn up with a musical instrument of your choice - drums, percusion instruments, singing bowls, rattles, empty glass bottles, your own voice or anything else that makes a sound - for freeflow entertainment.

Hern's Tribe Midsummer Ritual
At 3.30pm, following on from the drumming, Hern's Tribe will be holding a midsummer open rituals. This will call to the spirit of the woods, Hern and the Green Lady. The Hollys and the Oaks will compete for the sun trophy with dancing, drumming and races and share the triumph of the sun as it reaches it's height.

Bring food and drink for a picnic.

To find Queen's Woods, north London, see map ref:
The nearest tube station is Highgate (northern line).
Directions from the station: come out of tube station to Archway Road. Turn
right. There is a pub called Woodmans and to the immediate right is a small road called Wood Lane. Walk along this for about 5 minutes. The picnic spot is on the left and the ritual site will be signed.

For details of more Summer Solstice events, see

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