Friday 10 July 2009

Julunggul - The Rainbow Snake

I haven't picked a Bad Witch's God of the Week for a couple of weeks, so I thought it was about time I did so again.

Opening at random a page in The Mythology Bible, which I reviewed recently on A Bad Witch's Blog, I came across Julunggul, the Rainbow Snake from Aboriginal mythology. He - or she, as as the snake can be male or female - seemed ideal to pick as The Bad Witch's God of the Week - or possibly Goddess of the Week.

According to The Mythology Bible, the Rainbow Snake is the Aboriginal creator of life, it came out of a water hole in the dreamtime, slithered across the continent and created the valleys, mountains and sacred ancestral landscape of Australia.

But, as well as being a creator, the Rainbow Snake can be very dangerous and destructive. Luckily, it sleeps a lot. If you ever encounter it, be very quiet and try not to wake it. If it does wake up, be very polite.


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