Thursday, 23 July 2009

Witches put their spell on tourism

Witches and witchcraft seem to be big money-spinners for the tourist industry this year, probably thanks to the latest Harry Potter movie.

Following on from Wookey Hole advertising a £50k a year job for a live-in witch to explain witchcraft to visitors, a college in Cheshire has now opened a huge maze with a witches and wizards theme.

Aimed at families and kids looking for some fun in the summer holidays, the eight-acre maze has two and a half miles of paths and bridges. Visitors exploring the maze must collect ingredients to put in the witches’ cauldron at its centre.

Maze manager Tanya Griffiths said: “We have tried to provide a really good day out of affordable fun for all the family."

The college's website doesn't say what potion is being brewed in the cauldron at the heart of the maze, but hopefully it will be something that teaches kids about the benefits of plants and herbs, as well as hubbling and bubbling in a suitable way.

This summer's fad for witchy tourist attractions is a great opportunity to explain what real witches do and their history. I hope they don't just offer offer the tired old cliche of the cackling crone riding a broomstick.

Reaseheath’s Witches and Wizards Maze is open daily until September 6, from 11am – 6pm. Family tickets are £15; adults £5; children £4; Children under three free. For more details, call Reaseheath Maze on 07805 465358 or email


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