Monday 14 September 2009

The Bad Witch's Chocolate Divination

Chocolate is divine! It can also be used to divine...

Take an equal number of white and dark chocolate buttons, put them in a cup, then ask a question to which the answer is either yes or no. Close your eyes and pick a chocolate button randomly out of the cup. If it is white chocolate, the answer is yes; if it is dark chocolate, the answer is no.

When you've got your answer, eat the chocolate.

This is an ideal divination to do at the time of the equinox, when the day and night are of equal length and the year is in balance. It also makes a fun party game at any time of the year.


Antony said...

Fantastic idea!

Will have to give it a try.


A x

CharacterGirl said...

I love this!

New Witch101 said...

Hello there!

I am only young but with my Secondary School, I have had a talk from a witch. I am very interested in joining. I'm not sure how you would say that. Sorry. So anyway...

I love this idea. I am very passionate about the idea of becoming a Witch and was wondering if you could give me more information. I have a gmail account (not my real name) and if you could give me any more information I would be grateful.

Thank you!