Sunday 18 October 2009

The vagabond foxes

I haven't posted anything about my garden foxes for a while. To make up for that, here is a picture I toook earlier today. They seem to have made my garden their home recently and I often see them.

Even if I don't see them, I see the signs of their leftover meals and other detritus - they are a real pair of vagabonds. They steal shoes, socks, T-shirts, footballs and toys from goodness knows where and bring them into my garden. When they have chewed them up they then discard them on my lawn.

Their favourite food is fish and chips and Kentucky friend chicken and they leave the packaging on my lawn too.

And they use my garden path as a toilet :(

Still, they do look lovely and I enjoy seeing them around, even if I do have to clear up after them.

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