Wednesday 4 November 2009

Firework magic

Tomorrow being November 5 and Bonfire Night, I thought I would offer a little firework magic.

Fireworks were invented 2,000 years ago in ancient China and were used to ward off evil spirits with their loud bangs as well as to honour the gods with their beautiful showers of sparkles.

We can still put them to that use today. I think most of us have a few personal demons we would like to send packing so why not send them up towards the heavens with a rocket!

By personal demons I am not talking about being possessed by supernatural nasties, I hasten to add. I mean habits such as smoking or nail-biting that people want to give up.

The safest way to use a firework for this kind of banishing spell to imagine the thing that you want to be rid of going up with a whoosh just as you are about to light the firework. Then light that blue touch paper, stand clear and enjoy watching your problem transformed into a splendid pyrotechnic display.

Alternatively, you could write something on a very tiny strip of paper and then carefully sellotape it securely to the firework before lighting it. Obviously, you need to be careful not to damage or unbalance the rocket.

If you are in a group, then everyone could ritually prepare an individual rockets in advance, then give one sensible adult the job of setting them off. You might want to stick the paper so the blank side faces outwards and your message is hidden, unless you don't mind others reading what you have written.

Always observe firework safety precautions. A firework expert told me: "Don't unbalance the rocket. They're designed to fly pretty much straight up before they explode and if one side were heavier than another, the rocket would tend to fall in that direction. If the piece of paper sticks up in any way, it could change the aerodynamics of the rocket, causing it to veer off. So, as long as the piece of paper were small and was securely tapped down around all the edges, you're probably OK."

Have fun and have an happy Bonfire Night!

The picture above shows a jigsaw of a Fireworks Display from Robert Harding available from Amazon

Note: Always read and follow the instructions and safety precautions for the fireworks you are using.

Jigsaw of a Fireworks Display from Robert Harding


Toadstool Hollow said...

this is such a good idea :) thanks for sharing.


Badwitch said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Where in London can I find and meet a real witch? Any advice would be appreciated.

Badwitch said...

You will find plenty of real witches at many of the events listed on my events page - particularly those run by the Pagan Federation London, Children of Artemis and Nova Stellar.

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