Tuesday 17 November 2009

It never rains but it pours...

It certainly has been pouring. Friday night's thunderstorm was followed by more torrential rain over the weekend. My car also developed an irritating fault - perhaps brought on by my reckless race to ER during the worst of the gales in the early hours of Saturday morning.

But, despite that, yesterday morning things seemed to be looking up and I was feeling quite cheerful. My partner seems to be recovering from his slipped disc - or at least the heavy-duty painkillers are doing their job - and he is managing to walk around a bit with the help of a rather pretentious-looking Gothic walking cane.

The rain had stopped and the world looked clean and fresh as I decided to take my car to the garage to be fixed. I felt nicely clean and fresh too, as I'd decided to use some lovely-smelling body scrub in my morning shower. It was one of those things I'd been given as a gift and was saving until the right occasion. As it turned out, perhaps I should have waited before opening it.

As soon as I set off in my car, I realised the journey wasn't going to be as easy as I'd hoped, as quite a few of the roads were flooded. But, with a lot of stuttering, my car made it to the garage - where I had to leave it, put on my wellies and walk home

Now, it can be fun to drive through huge puddles in a car and watch the spray whoosh up at either side - a bit like going down a log flume at the funfair.

However, when you are a on foot and the cars that pass you are all sending waves of water towards the pavement, it is a different matter entirely. As soon as I started walking away from the garage, I was getting sploshed.

Then one big van drove past really close, and really fast, and I was suddenly soaked from head to foot in filthy water that cars and vans had been churning through for hours.

For a moment, I was furious. Then, suddenly, I saw the funny side of it. There is something liberating about feeling that you are so wet and muddy that it doesn't matter if you get even wetter and muddier.

So, with a smile, I shrugged and leapt right into the biggest puddle I could find on the pavement.

And as if to echo my mood the sun peeped out through the clouds, giving the droplets of water and ripples in the pools silvery sparkles and the fallen autumn leaves a golden glow.

I sploshed home through the flooded streets, feeling a childlike delight in this world that had become a watery playground and putting my cares to one side, at least for the moment.



Anonymous said...

A great post and reminder to not take ourselves so seriously.

Here's hoping your partner's recovery goes quickly.

Badwitch said...

Thanks! My parner is feeling a bit better, hopefully he will continue to recover quickly.