Friday, 4 December 2009

Deck the halls with pagan symbols...

If you fancy putting up some really witchy Yule decorations this year you could find just what you need at The Sabbat Shoppe.

The lovely handcrafted besom decorated for Yule is about 19cm/7.5in long and is ideal for hanging on your wall, putting on your altar or even decorating your tree. It costs £8.50 and is supplied in presentation packaging.

The Sabbat Shoppe also has gorgeous seasonal wreaths and decorated woven pentagrams designed to deck your hall in a style fit for the Kings of Oak and Holly.

Other items in the shop include full size besoms and highly original handcrafted jewellery.

You can visit The Sabbat Shoppe's online store at

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J said...

It looks good, think I'll take a ponder over and see them at Canterbury next week.