Wednesday 17 March 2010

Bang the drum to help abused women

Aspect Of Women is organising a sponsored event called Honouring of the Goddess Temple to help abused women in Kent this summer. It wants 300 women to volunteer to bang drums, shake rattles, chant and call out loud to get the message across and make a real difference to lives of battered women.

The Honouring Of The Goddess Temple will take place on Saturday 26 June from 1pm to pm at Shorne Country Park, Brewers Road, Shorne, Kent DA12 3HX.

Pammie Couchman, one of the organisers, said:
"We will join our hearts and our voices to bring aid to the abused women of Kent. To help them overcome the feelings that abuse invokes within them. To help rebuild their shattered lives and self esteem. To help rebuild their confidence and gain back the respect of their self. To help them understand that they can retake that which was taken... their sacredness.

"To hold their heads high once again like the beautiful Goddesses they are. It will be a magical time so bring your drum, rattle or shakers and dress in your finery as goddesses, fairies, witches or come just as you are.

"We will chant the songs of womanhood as we stand hand in hand joined by our beauty and femininity. Join us to help us to help our sisters and be a part of something so special. This is an undertaking of enormous proportions so your help is needed... you will be asked to make a full commitment to this one day... just one day... to make a difference to abused women somewhere in need of help."
Each woman will be asked to donate a fee of £10 and raise sponsorship towards the event. On receipt of your payment you will receive your ticket, sponsorship form and a commitment slip. To book your place please send a cheque made payable to: Aspects Of Women plus an s.a.e. to May Draper, 163 Gordon Road, Strood, Rochester, Kent ME2 3HH.

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childless mom said...

I am so happy you are being a voice for many abused women out there.
I was a victim of an abusive relationship for two years, left me feeling destroyed and unloved. I decided to leave him but unfortunately it cost me my 3 month old son, and I haven't seen him since three years. Things are very difficult here in the middle east for abused women, we do not have the same legal right or resources. You cant imagine the feeling of being stranded and alone in such a situation, especially with children. I have also started blogging about my experience
hopefully it inspires similar women, and the next step would be to cause some change for middle eastern women here.