Thursday 4 March 2010

Pagan Eye: Sea Change

This photograph shows something I found on a beach on the Isle of Islay a couple of years ago. It is a stalk of dried seaweed that had attached itself to a broken piece of mussel shell, but the effect seems like some kind of strange arrow.

I particularly love the colour of the shell, bleached by the sea to lovely bands of purple in different shades. I photographed the shell-and-seaweed arrow where I found it and almost left it where it was for others to enjoy, but then I decided to pick it up and take it with me to put on my altar.

But, although the seaweed and shell seemed quite firmly attached at the time, they got crushed and fell apart in my luggage on my journey home. This photograph is all I have left.

It seemed an appropriate picture to post the same week as writing about beachcombing.

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