Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Watkins occult bookshop set to close

According to a story on The Londonist, London's oldest esoteric bookshop, Watkins on Cecil Court, is under threat of liquidation. It will close on 25 March unless a buyer is found before then.

Watkins opened in 1894 and become one of London's most prestigious places to buy books about magic, folklore and the occult, but rising overheads, poor trading conditions and a £500,000 tax bill forced it into administration last week.

I do hope someone will come forward to save this lovely shop.

Other occult bookshops in London include Treadwell's and Atlantis Bookshop.



velma said...

This is so SAD!!! I'm in the states, but I was fortunate enough to go to London last May and I made it a point to get to every metaphysical store I could get to! This is a great store, and I am so sad that it may go under! If I had the money, I would absolutely invest it in the store!

badwitch said...

Me too!