Thursday 20 May 2010

News: Pagans angry at UKIP attack on holidays

Pagans in Sefton and West Lancashire have complained after a UK Independence Party statement said letting police officers celebrate pagan festivals was “madness”.

According to Sefton and West Lancashire newspaper Champion, the UKIP statement described as “politically correct madness” the Home Office ruling allowing Pagan police officers leave for festivals.

Paul Nuttall, MEP for UKIP, who was behind the statement, also criticised what he called "unabashed sexuality and promiscuity" at pagan festivals.

Pat Regan, founder of the Pagan Anti-Defamation Network, told the newspaper that she considered the comments offensive and called for Nuttall to resign.

You can see the full story on the Champion website at


Love Spells said...

UKIP are idiots. Luckily, they failed miserably at the recent election. We should release a statement calling UKIP politics "unabashed bigotry and fascism" :)

- Crystal

Pat Regan said...

I have mentioned the UKIP insult against Pagans to folks in that party locally, but was met with silence - go figure!