Friday 21 May 2010

Rumour: Changes at Children of Artemis

OK, I couldn't wait any longer to spread the juicy rumour I heard. Here it is:

According to Companies House records, Children of Artemis Limited dissolved as a company on 7 May 2010.

I was told this rumour yesterday by a friend with his ear to the ground in the pagan community, but I wanted to check it out before posting it on my blog. I looked on the Companies House website: and found that the facts were correct as stated there.

I then sent a email to Children of Artemis asking:
"I notice on Companies House records that Children of Artemis Limited dissolved as a company on 7 May 2010. Can you give me any reasons why this has happened and what it means for the future of CoA?"
I have not yet had a reply.

I have no idea what this will mean in practical terms for the day-to-day business of Children of Artemis. Everything looks normal on the CoA website and the organisation is still running events - earlier this week it announced a new masked ball to take place this summer. Also, the company Witchfest Limited is still active on the Companies House website.

If you know any more about this, do let me know.


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Anonymous said...

Going by the list of company filings available to the public The company has been struck off for failing to file annual return and accounts.

Note last annual accounts and annual return made up to December 2006. All companies must file these two documents every year or the directors face fines, prosecution and the company being struck off.

The 'computer error' is likely a failure to understand what is legally required of them to operate a limited company. The company is gone.