Friday 23 July 2010

Full moon over the sea

Today is Neptunalia, an ancient Roman festival held in honour of God of the Oceans, and tomorrow there is a full moon.

According to the online pagan calendar, the neopagan name for this might be Rose Moon, but seeing as it falls so close to the festival of Neptune, I feel it ought to be called Ocean's Moon.

If you are on holiday in some beautiful seaside paradise, this would be a perfect night for a moonlit walk along the beach, ideally with a loved one. Find some beautiful, remote spot where you can celebrate the Goddess of the Moon and the God of the Seas with a picnic of seafood and Champagne.

If you are stuck in London, like me, perhaps you could just celebrate with a Friday night supper of fish and chips and a bottle of plonk.

[Not really quite the same thing at all, is it?]



James C. Wallace II said...

I have some lovely full moon and crescent moon pics I should like to send you. Any email address I can post them to?

Badwitch said...

Thanks! You can send pictures to