Thursday 29 July 2010

News: Christians & Pagans fight misunderstandings

Pagans fight misconception that they are devil worshippers
Nottingham pagans are aiming to alter misconceptions about their religion with a Pagan Pride event this Sunday. A story about the event in This is Nottingham quotes witch Esme Knight as saying: "The biggest misconception is the worshipping of the devil, because there's no devil in paganism at all. Paganism is not the worship of the devil and witchcraft is not evil."
The Pagan Pride event is this Sunday, starting at the Robin Hood statue, outside Nottingham Castle, at 10am for a parade at 11am. The parade will move through the city and arrive at the Arboretum at 12.15pm, where a festival is being held until 6pm. See more details at:

Christians fight misconceptions over branding children witches
In a story on the Inspire website, Christian groups have expressed disappointment over imbalance in C4's Britain's Witch Children programme, which claimed children were being branded witches and then subjected to exorcisms. Un-named spokespeople are quoted as saying: "We wholeheartedly condemn churches abusing or encouraging the abuse of children, in particular any church that brands children as witches or demon-possessed."
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Anonymous said...

well those 'christian' churches which have accused children in Africa of 'witchraft' arenot at all to do with Christian real exorcism by a priest using the proper prayers and ritual. The people in Africa accusing children of witchraft are a cult and certainly do not know any exorcism rituals and just abuse and beat children....a very evil non-Christian thing