Tuesday 10 August 2010

Pagan Eye: The Druid Oak

These two gorgeous photographs were taken by Donna Pascoe. She said:

"This is a fantastic Oak tree in the grounds of Tapeley Park, an eco-friendly stately home near Instow in North Devon. The tree is thought to be over 1,500 years old, and tests have shown that it contains five different species of Oak in one tree. It is known as the Druid Oak because it is said that Druids spliced together five different trees into one. The atmosphere around the tree is incredibly peaceful, with a small section on the trunk that is level and just big enough to sit on and meditate.

"As you can see from one of the photos, the trunk is quite an impressive size. My step-dad is stood next to it to give you some idea of the scale.

"Tapeley Park hosts several festivals a year, including a Didgeridoo festival at the start of May and the Save Our World festival in the summer. It is also available as a venue for weddings and the gardens are open to the public to visit, which includes a woodland walk leading to a lake.

"This is truly one of my favourite places in the UK. For more info, the website is http://www.tapeleypark.com/

"I would love to raise awareness for Tapeley as they rely on tourists to keep the house and grounds running."

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James C. Wallace II said...

Should I ever get the opportunity to visit England, this will be one of my primary places to visit.

Unknown said...

Thank you for accepting my submission. This tree is far too special to be kept a secret, even if it is tucked away out of sight away from the main grounds.

And James, I hope one day you get the chance to see it with your own eyes.

Love and Light,