Friday, 3 September 2010

News: witch's spell blamed for fire

A fire at a Merseyside pub might have been caused by a witch's spell, according to a story on Wirral News.

Landlords Linda and Les Baxendale said that a model of a witch that had been hanging in the Magazine Hotel, in Wallasey, had been stolen two nights before a fire gutted the 250-year-old pub.

Linda said: “Part of the history of the pub is the two witches and a little devil, all made from brown felt, which were hanging by the bar. No-one knows exactly how long they were there and we don't know who gave them to the pub, but we think they were there for at least 100 years. They were covered in cobwebs and dust because we were told that if anyone touched them bad things would happen to them.”

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The Blue Faerie said...

Witches: creating the world's best and strangest hotel security systems for over 100 years. :P

badwitch said...

Yes, you are right - it does seem more as though the figures were protecting the pub rather than cursing it; as it was only after they were removed that the fire happened.

Antony said...

Interesting, thanks for the post Badwitch. Think it was more likely a protection amulet than a curse lol.


A x