Saturday 16 October 2010

In the News: Witches jailed, banned and honoured

Elderly women jailed for witchcraft in Malawi
Eighty-six people in Malawi, mostly elderly women, have been jailed for up to six years for being witches, even though witchcraft is not a crime under Malawian law. Campaigners are asking for them to be released.
You can read the full story on The Guardian website at:

Witches banned from Russian television
Russia has passed new rules saying that witches, shamans, fortune tellers, faith healers and those selling occult gifts or services must get a licence before they can advertise. It is believed this will effectively be a ban.
You can read the full story on The Moscow News website at:

Swiss street named after woman executed for witchcraft
A woman who was burned for being a witch in the 1700s has had a street named after her in Fribourg, Switzerland.
You can read the full story on World Radio Switzerland website at:

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