Wednesday 27 October 2010

Samhain Ceremony of Dark & Light

An outdoor Samhain open ritual, The Ceremony of Dark and Light, is taking place this Saturday, 30th October, at Witches Coven, North London.

This traditional witchy Samhain ritual is open to all who want take part, but you need to book your place (see below for details on how to do this).

Organisers Mani and April say: "Enter the `Witches Coven' surrounded by 13 oak trees. There, within a safe circle of salt and chalk, we shall duly consecrate ourselves and do this Samhain ritual. This ceremony involves the Cauldrons of Regrets and Secrets, where our regrets and fears shall be burnt away, and the burden of heavy secrets shall be poured out. The Dark Lord of the underworld shall lead us to honour and commune with our ancestors. And with Hecate's help, we shall pass through the flamed arch of purification and be transformed anew!"

Come dressed in robes, cloaks and warm clothing. Bring a mask and jam-jars for tea lights. It may be cold and wet, but the organisers say the ritual will go ahead whatever the weather. Please dress appropriately.

Come with any regrets and secrets that you wish to let go off... and come with names of ancestors you wish to honour.

The venue/gathering place is Witches Coven, North London. The nearest tube station is Highgate. Please gather at the Woodman's pub, at the corner of Archway Road and Muswell Hill Road, at 6.30pm-6.45pm.

You will be met by a guide with a pumpkin who will lead you to the exact ritual spot - which may change at short notice.

Note: Witches Coven is the actual name of the specific open circular space in a north London wood, surrounded by 13 oak trees. It is supposedly an old London plague-pit. The ritual organisers' aim is to be honourable, responsible, discrete, quiet and considerate to local wild life and residents.

If you want to take part, email or call or text 077689 41373.
(No calls will be taken after 3pm on 30th Oct).

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