Sunday 28 November 2010

Pagan Eye: City Blackbird

On the way in to work one day last week I heard a tremendous amount of bird song coming from a straggly hedge next to the pavement. I had to stop to have a look and I saw that the hedge was full of blackbirds making a feast of the red berries that were there.

Luckily, I had my camera with me and took a photo. Unfortunately, I had it set on "always use flash", so my one attempt at a picture (above) scared the birds away with the sudden bright light. Oops. Sorry birds.

Perhaps if I hadn't been so hasty to grab a shot I would have got a picture that was slightly more focused on the bird in the frame and maybe had more of them in it!

However, seeing the blackbirds did remind me of a book that has been sitting on my to-read pile since the summer - Singing with Blackbirds: The Survival of Primal Celtic Shamanism in Later Folk-Traditions,by Stuart A Harris-Logan. I picked it up secondhand, started reading it, then got distracted by something else. Time to return to it, I think. Thanks for the reminder, blackbirds.

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