Tuesday 30 November 2010

Starting a new diary for 2011

Yesterday, I put my first few entries into my 2011 diary.

I always think there's something exciting about starting a diary for the coming year. It is an opportunity to quite literally turn over a new leaf; to say goodbye to the old and usher in the new. It is a chance to make plans for a future that is - hopefully - an improvement on the past.

When the days are cold and the nights are long and dark, I can open a page onto the spring or summer to come and look forward to holidays, birthdays and good times ahead (neatly ignoring the fact that the diary will also get filled up with less pleasant stuff like dentist appointments and work appraisals).

Making a start on my latest diary, however, seemed a little bit more exciting than usual because it is rather different from the one I normally use.

For the past umpteen years, I have simply ordered diary refillsfor the mini Filofaxthat I bought back in the 1980s, when they were fashionable, and never got out of the habit of using.

Then, this autumn, I was given a copy of the Astro Diary 2011by Astrocal to review for pagan publication The Magical Times. If ever I had been sent a big hint that I needed to stop being a refugee from the 1980s and start using a diary more suitable for 21st century witch, this was it.

Hopefully, it will also encourage me to get more into astrology - something I have long meant to do.

As well as being a nice week-at-a-glance diary, the Astro Diary 2011 gives details of daily planetary movements and moon phases. It also has explanations of astrological terms and their meanings, combined with a forecast for the year ahead by astrology teacher Tchenka Jane Sunderland.

The introduction includes a feature on gardening according to the phases of the moon and an article about pagan fire festivals and the changing seasons - and it has nice black-and-white artwork as well.

Here's hoping the year to come will be as good as the diary I'll be writing my dates in!

Astrology Diary 2011 (Astrology Diary)
Filofax Finsbury Black Luxury Leather Mini 2011 Organiser
Filofax Diary Refill 2011 Mini Week Per Page

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Unknown said...

I really need to start a diary. An astrological diary sounds interesting... now if only I could rope Austin into making a custom one for me... =)