Sunday 24 April 2011

News: The Guardian on modern Easter myths

The Guardian has run a feature this Easter called The Modern Myth of the Easter Bunny. It looks at the scarcity of historical evidence for the Goddess Eostre, who many modern pagans honour at Easter as an Anglo-Saxon goddess of springtime.

You can read the full story here:

Later this month, on Monday, 23 May, pagan forum Secret Chiefs is holding a lecture on this subject, called Easter Month and Ostara – Is She Really An Anglo-Saxon Goddess, Or Something Much More Exciting?

The talk is by Hildegarde Maier. Secret Chiefs meets every other Monday at the Devereux public house, 20 Devereux Court, off Essex Street, London WC2R 3JJ. Meet from 7.30pm, the event starts at 8.30pm. Admission £2.

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