Monday 16 May 2011

News: Goat killings blamed on satanists

The Daily Mail is at it again - blaming occultists for a crime that probably has a far more ordinary explanation.

The crime itself is pretty horrible - someone is killing goats in a Devon village. Some of the villagers - as well as Daily Mail reporters - are saying that satanists must be behind it because of "the way the goats were killed and because they were horned".

The goats were killed by having their throats cut. The horns were not removed. There were no particular signs of any occult or satanic ritual having taken place - such as circles in the ground or symbols drawn anywhere.

Whoever killed these goats committed a horrible crime - an act of terrible cruelty - and I hope they are caught. But if everyone is running around only looking for satanists, they probably won't find any. The real criminals are probably bored yobs. I hope the police catch them before they harm any other creatures.

You can read the full story here:


James C. Wallace II said...

The crime here is that whoever did this wasted perfectly good goat meat! Hard to understand why you would kill a goat and not eat it? I love goat meat!!!

CE Patrick said...

Why do people always choose the least-likely possibility when something out of the ordinary happens? The more rare the happening, the more rare the reason...